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Mar 15 2013

More bright points (after a pretty crummy week)

It’s amazing how a few (or, let’s be honest, a LOT) of frustrating times can completely blot over the high points of a week.

In an attempt to wipe off the grime from the last part of 3rd quarter:

-Possibly the best teaching adventure ever happened yesterday. I remembered at the last minute, while eating lunch with my ‘lunch club’ of kids that had behaved super well all week, that the nurse’s birthday was over Spring Break. I had forgotten to buy a card, and this was my last chance to do anything. I proposed a secret plan to my 5-kid-strong lunch club group: We were going to run to the snack machine, buy the nurse a candy bar and secretly leave it on her desk. We had already watched her leave her office to go the bathroom, so we knew we didn’t have much time at all.  Within 2 segundos, we were literally sneakily sprinting down the hallway to my classroom to grab some quarters, working together to push the right letter-number combo to buy a Twix bar (¡¡E-siete!! ¡¡E-siete!!), running back to the classroom to get a post-it to tag it is as from our class, and then excitedly peering around the corner of her office door to check if she was still there. Luckily, she was still in the bathroom, so we put it down on her desk and tried to look calm and collected as we passed her in the hallway en route to the cafeteria. In reality, we were all giggling up a storm, but somehow the nurse didn’t seem to realize it had anything to do with her.

I think the nurse really appreciated that we remembered her, and it was a great lesson in how fun it can be to do things for others. Plus, we got to run in the school hallway.

A good moment from parent conferences happened when one parent told me a funny story about an impromptu math lesson at home. My student was counting out her cereal at the table and bragging about how she had counted to 47 or something. Her mom–being the awesome mom she is–told her to make groups of 10 (in Spanish, “grupos de diez).  The student rolled her eyes, saying, “MOM – groups of 10 are called DECENAS. Don’t you know that?!”  The mom was really impressed that her daughter knew the technical vocabulary for place value. :D

The same student, after listening to one of her classmates sing a rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’ with a lot of ‘booty butt’s and ‘poop’ in the lyrics, dramatically announced that she is ‘bored with stupid boys.’  (In her exact words, “Me aburro de los chicos tontos.”)  Honey, just you wait.







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