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Jan 14 2013

No promises

I’m a bit embarrassed that my last post was after the first week of school in August.  At the same time, here I am after the first week of school in January, and I could stop after this and feel content with the symmetry.  That’s not the plan, but it’s an option.

To sum up last semester:  the first quarter was the most difficult I’ve experienced, period.  Here it is January, and even the school nurse just shakes her head at the thought of my class from August to October.

The second quarter was spent recovering… recovering tranquility in the class, recovering lost instructional time, etc. I spent my Christmas break recovering physically, after getting pretty sick there at the end.

And here I am in January.




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  1. adam kirby

    what happened last semester that was so bad. sorry I missed you over the break would have liked to hear about it. hope it is getting better

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